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Google publishes Android Q Security Release Notes

The public release of Android Q is officially a “few weeks away,” and Google is gearing up for the launch. “Android version Q Security Release Notes” published today detail the vulnerabilities addressed by the upcoming version of the OS.

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Android Q developer preview 4 releases for OnePlus 6/6T and OnePlus 7/7 Pro

Android Q Developer Preview 4 is now rolling out to OnePlus 6/6T and OnePlus 7/7Pro devices right now, right off the back of the third recent Q taster download.

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‘Screen attention’ keeps your screen on while looking at it

For a fourth beta out of many, Android Q’s latest release delivers a lot of new stuff. Just behind the scenes, Google has added on to the “Adaptive Sleep” feature that popped up in Android Q Beta 3, now calling its “Screen attention.”

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Google releases Android Q Beta 4

At I/O, Google announced a bunch of changes to Android Q and revealed new high-level features. Android Q Beta 4 today takes some big steps towards the Q3 with final APIs and Play Store publishing for developers.


How to record your screen in Android Q Beta 3

Android is now out for more devices than the previous betas, thanks to Google bringing Beta 3 to over a dozen non-Pixel devices, a lot of folks are just getting acquainted with the new features we’ve covered in the previous betas. Google has also made some features hidden behind “feature flags”, like native screen recording, harder to access. Here’s how to enable screen recording in Android Q Beta 3.


Android Q features new privacy controls

We don’t yet know how the Android Q will stand for, but we know there are a lot of changes in the system to ensure our privacy when we’re on our phones.


Android Q might let users customize their lock screen & AOD clock

Android Q will receive five more betas before its full release in the coming months. In that developing period, Android will add features, remove others polishing itself. An upcoming feature may be also the custom customization of the AOD clock and the lock screen.


The best Android Q features

Yesterday Google started sharing us the upcoming Android Q, with a new beta program for this year’s big Android update. Android Q, will be released for consumers sometime in the third quarter of this year, according to company’s timeline — likely in August, as it’s Google’s usual release month.

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