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How to fix the iOS 13 Mail ‘No Sender’ bug

Have you just updated to iOS 13 on your iPhone and are experiencing bugs in Mail? You are not alone. A lot of users are reporting issues with the Apple Mail app on the new iOS 13 update. Fortunately, there are workarounds.

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What’s new in iOS 13 beta 4?

It’s a big week in Cupertino! Not only is iOS 13 being made available to all users tomorrow, iPhone 11 units have shipped from China and are on their way to pre-order purchasers everywhere! 

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Pandora Music now works with Dark Mode, Siri on iPhone, HomePod, and CarPlay

Apple showed up new features coming to CarPlay back at WWDC in June including the ability to control Pandora and Waze with Siri. We’re still awaiting the big iOS 13 update from Waze, but Pandora has just released the new version of its music player for iPhone.

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Apple announces iOS 13 release date of September 19

After introducing iOS 13 at WWDC and running its developer and public betas this summer, the new software is almost ready for all users. Today, after its iPhone event, Apple has announced iOS 13 will be officially released on Thursday, September 19.

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Apple releasing iOS 13.1 on September 30

As part of its numerous announcements today, Apple snuck in the fact that iOS 13.1 will be released to the public on September 30. iOS 13 will be released on September 19, as we detailed here.

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iOS 13 is coming and it rocks!

A recent iOS 13 concept from designer Leo Vallet has shown people new redesigned volume UI, mouse support with AirPods-style pairing, the multitasker merging with Control Center, iPad external display support and many more.

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