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Oppo reveals world’s first ‘Under-screen Camera’ for smartphones

Oppo’s efforts to eliminate the notch have led to the world’s first selfie camera that sits under your smartphone’s screen.

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Google revealed the Pixel 4

Google just tweeted an image of the Pixel 4, a smartphone that the company isn’t expected to ship until October. The tweet comes after renders of the device were published in recent days, revealing a change in design language from Google’s previous devices. “Wait ‘til you see what it can do,” the Pixel team tweeted.

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Google Play reveals Pixel 3a and Pixela XL

Earlier in the previous month we confirmed Google’s rumored Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL and that is how they are named. We also learned some specs about the phones, with the Google Play Developer Console today seemingly providing an official confirmation for many of them.


Android Q might let users customize their lock screen & AOD clock

Android Q will receive five more betas before its full release in the coming months. In that developing period, Android will add features, remove others polishing itself. An upcoming feature may be also the custom customization of the AOD clock and the lock screen.


Pocophone F1 Review

From time to time, more and more people wish to purchase not the best, but the cheapest and fastest phones, if someone can find one. I’ve always preferred the expensive-but-good phones, but that is not every time something to rely on, as every machine has its mistakes. I’ve been suggested to write a review for an almost new smartphone (August 2018), which actually makes me quite excited to talk and write about. I’m talking for the Pocophone F1 or Flagship killer, as some call it. So, after all I was willing to write a review on that.


The best Android Q features

Yesterday Google started sharing us the upcoming Android Q, with a new beta program for this year’s big Android update. Android Q, will be released for consumers sometime in the third quarter of this year, according to company’s timeline — likely in August, as it’s Google’s usual release month.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review

Every year for the past decade, Samsung has released a steady beat of new Galaxy S phones. The early Galaxy S phones were good, but not great, and were such close copies of the iPhone that Apple sued Samsung over them and won.


Apple’s new ad “Alejandro” shows off Portrait Mode and Depth Control

Apple is continuing its advertising for the iPhone XS and XR with a new ad called “Alejandro” and focuses on the depth control feature to remove someone from the background of a photo.


The new Huawei Mate X

Samsung’s new foldable phone isn’t a week old yet and we already have a competitor, who has a bigger screen, better fold and it’s thinner. The Huawei Mate X is launching at MWC 2019 right now and has an 8-inch OLED display, a folded thickness of 11mm and a 5G support, a 4,500mAh battery and Huawei’s Kirin 980 processor.


Samsung’s new 5G phone is useless.

Earlier this week we saw the new lineup of Samsung being revealed at Unpacked 2019. Samsung were so excited of their new phones, Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e, Fold and 5G phone. The hype was pretty high and people seem excited to buy such a new-featured phone. But, the whole problem goes on the company’s new 5G device.

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