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Spotify for Android removes its homescreen widget in latest update

One differentiating point of Android as a platform is the ability to use widgets on the homescreen. In its latest update, though, Spotify has removed the homescreen widget from its Android app.

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You can now enjoy Spotify Stations on the road with CarPlay

Spotify has updated its Spotify Stations app with support for CarPlay. The app is intended to provide a radio station-like experience, which customizes itself to your tastes.

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Spotify’s officially separating podcasts and music in premium users’ libraries

After at least a month of testing, Spotify is rolling out an updated library look for its premium users that will separate podcasts and music more clearly. It’s also introducing some new functionality for podcasts and music. Currently, the layout for a premium users’ library is tricky to navigate, with all your media — playlists, songs, albums, artists, podcasts, and videos — crammed together at the top. This new design, while not necessarily a monumental change to how people listen on the audio platform, makes the experience slightly more pleasant, especially considering that people haven’t loved Spotify’s podcast treatment.

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Final Fantasy soundtracks available on Apple Music and Spotify

Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available to stream on both Apple Music and Spotify …


Engadget notes that developer Square Enix didn’t give any advance notice that it was doing it, or explain why, but speculates that it may be a promotional push for a couple of upcoming new games in the franchise.

You can just fire up the services’ apps to enjoy music — by Nobuo Uematsu and the series’ other composers, including Masashi Hamauzu, Hitoshi Sakimoto and Yoko Shimomura — from the first entry of the franchise to the latest.

Based on what we can see, the collection even includes remixes, music from sequels like FFX-2 and spinoffs like Dissidia and Tactics, as well as the soundtrack of The Spirits Within movie. On Apple Music, you’ll also find soundtracks for the remakes of FFI to FFIV. Square Enix didn’t say why it suddenly dropped the soundtrack collection, but as TechCrunch noted, it could be part of the company’s efforts to drum up interest in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII – A Symphonic Reunion concert or in the long-delayed FFVII remake that’s making an appearance at E3 next week.

TechCrunch spotted a few missing ones, and an issue that could make finding your favorites a little challenging.

No X-2, unfortunately for the few who liked that one (usually very intensely), and a few of the other non-main entries (like Tactics Advance and A2) are missing right now but perhaps only late to arrive […]

I’ve listened to a few tracks and it all seems legit. The only thing is that many of the titles are in Japanese — so it might be difficult to pick out your favorite character’s theme or what have you if you don’t, you know, speak that language.

You also need to be careful in how you search for Final Fantasy soundtracks on Apple Music and Spotify, searching specifically for ‘Final Fantasy original soundtrack,’ otherwise you’ll get some random results in the mix (especially on Spotify, with its shared fan playlists).

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Spotify’s Social Listening feature will let you jam out with friends

Spotify is about to make it possible to listen along to music with your friends, no matter where you’re at.


Spotify adds a Sleep Timer in latest update: How to use it

In what looks like a server-side change, Spotify has quietly added a highly-requested feature from users — a sleep timer. The feature is now available on Android, here’s how it works.


EU is launching formal competition search into Apple over Spotify’s complaints

In March, we talked about Spotify’s It’s time to play fair campaign where the company laid out reasons Apple wasn’t playing fair. On most services, so is in Spotify, Apple obligates Spotify to pay a 30% cut in order to use in-app purchases when signing up new subscribers. Ultimately, the company wanted to show the EU, how Apple treats its competitors compared to its own businesses.


Spotify is first to hit 100 million subscribers

More than 100 million users worldwide now pay for Spotify Premium, the company has announced. Spotify reached the milestone by growing paid subscribers by 32-percent year-on-year. Including free subscribers, Spotify now has a total of 217 million monthly active users worldwide. That includes two million Indian users who joined after the company launched its service there in February.


Apple Music surpasses Spotify in the US with 28 million subscribers

Apple Music has been steadily growing over the past years letting Spotify having the upper hand on music streaming. After a Wall Street Journal report, Apple has overtaken Spotify in paid US subscribers for the first time.


Spotify is testing Premium Duo as a new subscription

Spotify is testing a new subscription called Premium Duo that offers you two premium subscriptions for the price of €12.49 a month. The new plan, which was first spotted by Redditor u/Hasztagg, also comes with a new playlist called Duo Mix, which auto-generates based on both your listening habits.

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