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Twitter black mode may be coming to Android on September

In recent months, Twitter has been working on a handful of redesigns for its various platforms, and that includes an all-black dark mode for mobile devices. Android users haven’t been able to get access to Twitter’s “Lights Out” mode, but that will apparently change in September.

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Twitter is coming back for the Mac

A little over a year after discontinuing its Mac desktop app, Twitter says that it’s bringing the program back after Apple unveiled Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina. It explained why it decided to drop the app last year.

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Twitter Q1 revenue beat estimates, but monthly active users down

There was mixed news today for Twitter, the company reporting stronger-than-expected financials, but monthly active users down year-on-year. Twitter Q1 revenue hit $787M, beating both its own top-end guidance and Wall Street expectations …


What’s the best Twitter app for iPhone?

Twitter apps have been around before the original one in the App Store. Twitterific was one of the first apps for jailbroken devices before the launch on the App Store for iOS 2.0. Let’s say, honestly, Twitter would not have been the company it is today, if it wasn’t for the App Store. While Twitter is seriously fighting third-party apps, some of them stand pretty well and that’s what I’m going to write about this time.


Twitter to update its dark mode from blue-ish tone to black in future update

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Twitter redesigns iOS app to de-emphasize follower counts

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Twitter removing verification from accounts

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Twitter client apps will now be able play GIFs and video natively


Next time you open a GIF or video in a third-party Twitter app, it may play natively rather than pushing you off to a Web page.

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Twitter now lets anyone tweet a poll

Twitter polling feature<img src=”http://i2.wp.com/venturebeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/pollscompose.jpg?fit=930%2C9999″ class=”attachment-single-masthead wp-post-image” alt=”Twitter polling feature” />


Starting today, any Twitter user will be able to poll their followers. As is characteristic, CEO Jack Dorsey announced the update in a tweet.

Polls will be available on Twitter’s web app as well as in Android and iOS apps.

The company first announced its polling feature a little over a week ago and made it available to a select few. Now, all users will be able to ask their followers a question and give them two answers to choose from. The polling feature appears at the bottom of the window used to a compose a tweet, among other media options.

The social feed has toyed with polls before, working with companies and media outlets to create polls for special events. Users have also been able to tweet a question and tally responses. The new polling feature makes this process easier, of course, and offers broader reach. It also gives users one more way to engage with the platform, something Twitter is eager to see happen.


Twitter Unveils A New Set Of Brand-Centric Analytics

Twitter is expanding its analytics product with the launch of what it’s calling the Twitter Brand Hub.

Even though it’s a tool for Twitter advertisers, the Brand Hub seems less focused on specific ads or campaigns and more on the broader conversation around different brands and products — though of course that data could help businesses see where they need to boost their visibility with ads.

For example, Twitter introduced a “TrueVoice” metric, which represents how much of the social media conversation is about a given brand, compared to their competitors. Here’s how the company says it measures this: “We determine your brand’s TrueVoice by first analyzing Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors. Then, we identify what percentage of these impressions your brand owns.”

Twitter Brand Hub

The Brand Hub also includes demographic data — like gender, location and income level — about people tweeting about a brand, and lists the top “influencers” in the conversation. (Twitter says the demographic data is aggregated and keeps information about individual users private.) And it includes additional information about what people are saying, like the top phrases or the level of brand loyalty implied in those tweets.

Many initiatives from Twitter and Facebook have focused on tracking whether the ads drive sales and conversations. The Brand Hub, on the other hand, presents more traditional brand advertising metrics. It also places a big emphasis on impressions, not just tweets or engagements, which could help Twitter remind advertisers that a single tweet can have a big impact if it’s seen by enough people.

The company says it’s currently making the Brand Hub available to large and medium advertisers in English-speaking countries.


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