What is Google Dorks . Hacking with google Dorks
Google Dork is a advance search engine
There was many searching tool including google

Hello Friends Today we are know what is google dorks
Here we are using internet with google and it is simple way for search our result.Google’s is very simple and easy to use.But it is many time could not provide us right search result that we want.This problem is solve Google Dorks. That provide you to search right result

What Is Google Dorks?

Google Dorks is a Advance search engine.It’s other name is Google hacking tools.It is use for search our wanted result.If you want to Download a movie then you normally search the movie name but there is not sure that the original movie was show google search engine if you use the google dork and search the movie what you want to download there was show your search result original. Only not movie it is use various reason.Example-Hacking,Pdf Download,website loop whole check etc. Many person it is use for good work and many person it is use for bad work.

How To Hacking With Google Dorks?

It’s a simple way for Hacking if you want to get email id and password then go to google and type- filetype: username and password @gmail.com
There are show many email Id and Password.

Here you can hack the website admin section then type on google-inurl admin inurl: pk/in/uk

What is Google Dorks . Hacking with google Dorks

in your country wise domain and search it.Here you can see admin panel which website dosenot hide this there is loop whole of many website so please hide your website admin panel.There you can hack this panel But I have not said how to hack this admin panel because it is illigeal and please it is not use for hacking any website.We are say this for learning purpose.

What is Google Dorks . Hacking with google Dorks
Some search engine Tool for google dorks

There You use it for good work check website loop wholes and build the website strong.

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