Hello Fiends Today I am share to you what is VPN and Difference Between VPN and Tor Browser So Lets start It…..
What Is VPN || Tor Vs VPN ||
VPN is protect your privacy and tor is same work lets know what is VPN and Tor

What is the work of VPN

1.Surf the block website
2.Hide your IP address and protect your privacy
3.Hide your Browsing activity

What Is VPN

VPN-‘Virtual Private Network’ its Full Name.
Todays Internet Has Part of our life and it is always use every one.But many sites are close in our college,Our country.So you want to visit this site and it is blocked so how is it possible?There are work is VPN.Download the VPN and visit the Block Website That you want.And safe from tracking….

How to work VPN

We are surf the internet using sim card Wi-Fi etc.Suppose you want to go facebook you enter the facebook.com and it is connect to your Internet Service Provider(ISP) and they are connect facebook server and facebook was connect your mobile/Windows
(Here you know What is ISP-‘Internet Service Provider’ it’s full form.It is provide us internet.There are many ISP company available Example-Airtel,Vodafone,BSNL,Jio etc)

If Our Govt. has told ISP that block the facebook.com website.There ISP block the facebook.com.If you want to go the block website you could not surf the website normally because ISP has not connect you the server they block this request and you could not surf it.

Here the VPN is connect to your block website for surf it.If you install a VPN in your device and you want to surf the block website you enter the website and it is connect to VPN and VPN encript the data and sent your ISP and your ISP could not under stand where are you want to go then your ISP connect the server and the server it open and connect to you.

Suppose the Govt. Has block the facebook you want to go facebook then install vpn and enter facebook VPN encript your data and connect ISP.There ISP could not understand where website are you want to go they only know where server want to go and they connect the server.And the server open your request and connect to you facebook.

Type Of VPN

There are 2 type of VPN is available in market

1.Free VPN

It is free but it is not secure purely the vpn provider could be hack you so do not use it and it better for you

2.Paid VPN

It is paid version version of VPN and it is secure better than Free VPN so you use this VPN but before paid the VPN you always check the terms and condition because if their govt.pressure the company they give your Data….
Although your IP address is safe from ISP but it is store VPN company system so you are not purely safe….

Tor Vs VPN

What Is VPN || Tor Vs VPN ||
There are a question which is the different Tor and vpn they work same but there are a small difference Tor browser is slow in internet speed and vpn internet speed is better than tor.

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