Copying Snapchat to WhatsApp will be presenting the Self-Deleting Feature

Self-destruct messages were first seen in Snapchat. But now it is being offered in other social networking apps

Facebook-owned company Instagram has copied several features of Snapchat. Recently, Instagram’s monthly active users have increased and all this has happened due to the feature of Instagram, which was copied from Snapchat. Several features of Snapchat have been seen by Facebook-owned companies Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger. Let me tell you that self-destruct messages were first seen in Snapchat. But now it is being offered in other social networking apps.

This feature of Snapshot will come in Whatsapp.

Snapchat’s features are being stacked once again. In fact, Facebook’s company, Whatsapp, is preparing to make self-destruct messaging features available on its platform. At present, telegram is the only Instant Messaging App that offers self-destruct messaging features. At the same time, Whatsapp is a very big user base, in this case the company is fighting another app. At present, the company is giving the feature of revising the message to the users. After sending a message to someone, it can be deleted.

Learn About Self-Distruct Features:

Any message or image sent under this feature will be automatically deleted after a certain time. At present, the company is also working on Instagram’s name tag feature. It was first made available in Snapchat.

Other features will also be present:

Introduced the sticker feature to enhance the user experience. After this, the company has now introduced two new features. According to reports, Whatsapp has introduced Add Contact and QR Code features. Let us know that through the Add Contact feature, users will be able to add any new numbers while using Whatsapp. By doing so, the contact will move to the user’s contact list. Apart from this, any user will be able to share their numbers immediately with any QR Code feature.