The new feature will not replace the existing media editing feature that you use to edit photos before sending them to Whatsapp

WhatsApp Said to Bring 'Quick Edit Media Shortcut' for Media Files You Send, Receive in Chats, Groups
Whatsapp adds ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’ feature to both Android and iPhone versions


  1. New feature highlights screenshots were posted online.
  2. An edit button is asked to quickly edit properties.
  3. WhatsApp Spotlight has been released publicly.

Whatsapp adds a ‘Quick Edit Media Shortcut’ Feature that allows you to quickly edit the media files sent or received in Quick Messaging applications. Pipeline new features are considered for both Android and iOS platforms. However, the date of release of a concrete release is yet to be released. Earlier this month, WhatsApp QR code added a ‘QR code shortcut’ for easy scanning and sharing.

The beta tracking site for WhatsApp Webtain For reports that the quick edit media shortcut allows you to edit or retrieve media files that you have in a personalized WhatsApp chat or group conversation. Some screenshots have also been provided to showcase the feature that is still not available for the public.

Photo Credit WABetainfo

Through the screenshots, a button named Edit will be available for WhatsApp preferred buttons for your iPhone and Android for WhatsApp, which you tap once the media file sent or received in the app.

The dedicated button will bring the edit window to enable quick editing of media content. Through this process, WhatsApp will reduce any steps or steps necessary to edit the media file sent or received in group conversations.

Whatsapp does not currently provide a local option for editing a media file to send and receive to chat and groups. However, you can first download the media file and then use the original media editing feature, which is used to tweet photos you send to WhatsApp.

New additions can not fetch any new edit features. Blank screenshots recommended that users can crop, add text and draw doodles to be normal control.

WABetaInfo claims that the new feature is still unavailable, it will be a part of WhatsApp for future Android and iPhone versions.

Whatsapp reported a new change some days after the development of a ‘QR code shortcut’ for easy scanning and sharing of QR codes. The Android version 2.19.189 was found to include proof for WhatsApp beta Shortcut.

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