Whatsapp ads will show similar to how ads are served with Instagram stories.

WhatsApp Status will start seeing ads by 2020 ,Business to Get Richer Message Formats: Report


  • WhatsApp was reported to bring ads this year ago.
  • Advertisement Advertisers will include a link to the website.
  • Businesses need to activate images and PDF sharing along with businesses.

Facebook is ready to start an advertising campaign in 2020, Facebook has said in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in the annual Facebook Marketing Summit. Ads will primarily be featured in the WhatsApp status features – Similar to how ads are served through Instagram stories from January of January 2010. Notably, WhatsApp has reported this year to bring advertising to its status. Android and iPhone versions of WhatsApp are also considered to be necessary implementations for advertising hosting. The Facebook-owned organization has not yet announced any formal announcement.

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Olivier Pantwil of BanconAct, a member of the ongoing Facebook Marketing Summit in Reuters, said that social networking giant WhatsApp announced the arrival of advertising. An image apparently shows a presentation slide that highlights the development slides that show ads will look similar to local conditions in the instant messaging app. Later development by social media guru Matt Navarra, further cementing more of its authenticity.

The demo has suggested that the ads will be displayed on full screen and a link may appear after the screen is uploaded. The overall experience is similar to the ads available through Instagram stories.

Vice President Chris Daniels has recently set to use the WhatsApp Status feature to ensure advertisements.

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Last year, in the Wall Street Journal report, quoting WhatsApp officials, claimed that earlier this year, WhatsApp advertising ads would start showing. Android beta version 2.18.305 for Android also included the implementation of ads in the status section. Similarly, the iPhone version of the messaging app is considered to be development ready for advertisements. However, WhatsApp users still do not see the change.

In addition to adding the ability to serve ads, WhatsApp has improved the experience for its business users. According to the Facebook Marketing Summit Participant, for the small business that WhatsApp Business is meant, it will soon receive a “Rich Message Format” for sharing users’ images and PDF files with their text messages. The product catalog of WhatsApp is also included in the catalog of the existing Facebook Business Manager.

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