Whatsapp Will Now Work On Basic Phones Runing KaiOS |TechNews


  • Whatsapp can now be downloaded from KaiStore for basic phones.
  • The application will be pre-installed on a basic phone running KaiOS in the third quarter of this year.

WhatsApp has the most share among messaging and social networks, with 1.5 billion active users and presence in more than 180 countries worldwide. However, its availability is still limited to basic phones but this is changing now. Facebook-owned messaging apps are now available on millions of low-cost KaiOS phones. It can be downloaded at least 256 MB of RAM from KaiStore to the computer. Running Whatsapp will come pre-installed on select basic phones running KaiOS starting the third.

The KaiOS version of WhatsApp comes with almost no compromise as it supports both calling and messaging, and also includes end-to-end encryption. KaiOS was first available in Reliance’s JioPhone in September 2018. Since then, the app has been slowly released to select KaiOS devices. A toned-down version of WhatsApp was also released for the Nokia 8110 in April 2019. Today, however, the application has been made available for millions of feature phones in multiple versions published worldwide.

To remember, KaiOS is a lightweight operating system that is currently available in a limited number of feature phones. WhatsApp for KaiOS is currently a total of seven basic phones worldwide – JioPhone, JioPhone 2, Nokia 8110, the Cat B35, Doro 7060, MTN Smart and Orange Sanza.

WhatsApp extensive roll-out on KaiOS can fill an important gap, as it will be made available for those who cannot afford smartphones.

According to Engadget, “The new WhatsApp client can help them not only connect with friends and family on the platforms, but also store, service, and job opportunities. If Facebook has too much power, worried people won’t reassure it, it’s a place for people to play. Who can justify more expensive handsets Do not? “

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