Windows 10 ARM On OnePlus 6T Mobile.

     Windows 10 ARM On OnePlus 6T Mobile.

Developers tried to boot the Windows 10 ARM on OnePlus 6T Mobile.

After porting Raspberry Pie, Nintendo switches, a group of developers now able to boot Windows 10 ARM operating on the OnePlus 6T Operating System.
This will clearly improve the experience of your phone. However, this is one of the great hacks you can do. OnePlus 6T at ARM Windows 10 
The idea is that the special operating system of the incentive is not Optimized for small screen sizes and mobile devices.

Windows 10 ARM On OnePlus 6T Mobile.

In December 2016, Microsoft and Qualcomm both worked together on Windows 10 ARM CPUs such as Snapdragon Chipsets. As a result, Windows 10 can be ported to any device, including ARM or Snapdragon hardware. It shows in the future, you will be able to run full Windows 10 on OnePlus 6T through it

However, its setup is tragic. Because the OS is not optimized on mobile devices and you will not be able to use it easily.

However, a third-party developer has now been able to boot Windows 10 ARM 64 on the OnePlus 6T and, the device has crashed with the BSOD (execution blue screen) error. Interesting, the touch is working without any problems because OnePlus 6T display uses Synaptics Touchscreen controller which is supported by Windows 10.

OnePlus 6T on Windows 10 ARM in memory management and other parts should be able to boot successfully.

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