Windows 10 Cloud reinstall option Coming soon |TechNews


  • Microsoft is currently working on an option that will allow users to reinstall Windows 10 through the cloud.
  • Yes, that means you don’t have to worry about optical disks and USB flash drives to get things done.

Windows 10 is scheduled to receive a new feature that can save users a lot of effort when reinstalling their operating system. This is a feature that MacOS has enjoyed for quite some time. Marked as “Cloud Download”, the feature is expected to be available in “Reset locally” as well as reset options in Windows settings, meaning that in the future Windows 10 reinstalled users will either be able to use the local image or download a new one from it. Can the cloud
News of the new Windows 10 reset method that Microsoft is currently working on has come in the form of a tweet sent by WalkingCat. According to the tweet, the boot menu of the leaked Windows Build 18950 (for the upcoming 201H1 update) gives the user an option to reinstall the existing operating system using a native image or download Windows from the cloud. The build was reported to have been leaked before the official rollout of Windows Insider Fast Ring users.

An earlier report from groovyPost claims that Microsoft Surface devices such as the Surface Book and Surface Pro already offer the option to download Windows 10 images from the cloud during setup. “If your recovery partition is corrupted, recovery from the cloud is especially handy, Microsoft has not documented this feature anywhere on its official Surface Web page,” groovyPost wrote in its report explaining how to use the feature.
Earlier this week, another leaked internal Windows 10 build showed us that Microsoft is working on a redesign of the Start menu where popular live tiles are missing and icons are unnaturally large. You can see how the new Start menu that is still in development looks here. The redesigned Start Menu and Cloud Download feature are not expected to be stable release for Windows 10 until June next year.

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