Xiaomi has organized a ‘1 rupee’ Sell in the UK,And face many complaint

Xiaomi started his services recently in the United Kingdom. For the launch, the company organized its popular 1 rupee cell, but the people here got hit by the cell.
Xiaomi organizes a '1 rupee' cell done in the UK, And face many complaint
Xiaomi organizes a ‘1 rupee’ sell done in the UK,
And face many complaint

MI started its services in the United Kingdom in the beginning of this month with Mi 8 Pro, Redmi 6A and Mi Band 3. Even here, the company organized ‘Crazy Deal’ Flash Sales in its familiar style, where the company offered to purchase some smartphones for 1 Euro around Rs 94. But the stock was empty in a shock. Here also something happens as it happens during the Festival Sale in India. After this incident, dispute grew in the UK market, after which Xiaomi UK released an apology for any kind of misunderstanding on this issue.

Company usually organizes 1-rupee flash cell in India during festivals. Xiaomi organized such a cheap cell for launch in the UK. According to Xiaomi, ‘crazy deal’ was made to ‘flash cell’ in the middle of the UK fans became angry. Xiaomi made 10 smartphones available for sale in GBP 1 price. It is said that in the UK, consumer flash cells consider the cell where more than 10 units are kept for sale.

Xiaomi UK tweeted, explaining the issue, “We confirm that 10 customers have purchased a device of Chemo in GBP 1. Our system has selected the winners of thousands of people who clicked the ‘buy’ button randomly. They are able to add this item to the shopping cart and purchase in GBP 1. There has been no change in T & C, which in any way affects the promotion. ‘

According to the BBC UK report, the UK’s Ad Watchdog Advertising Standards Authority has received complaints and is investigating whether the matter should be investigated or not. The BBC claims that this information was not provided in the Main Sales page that only a limited number of units would be sold in the FLASH cell. Rather, its information was given somewhere in the middle of the term and condition page and its link was present in the website footer.

A Twitter user said that the website’s script shows that the ‘Buy Now’ button on these products is automatically turned into ‘out of stock’ once the timer is closed.